Telefones - Castle Factory

“Once you get started on the Telefone trip, you won’t want to get off the ride.”

— Melted Magazine

Born from a bad dream while attending Belmont University Music School, Telefones offer an eclectic and earnest rock-n-roll sound. Their musical influences range from MC5 to Boredoms, Funkadelic, and PiL. Telefones give a personal tour through their world composed of bright lights, disembodied spirits and super-magnified realism. Their live show shoots off like a rocket, taking everyone in the room on a ride, quick and efficient. When all is said and done those in the room are left sweaty and satisfied. 20 years, 539 pounds of pressure and heavily medicated, they are pensive in nature with affinity for the cheeky and unsettling, at times horrific, but always with a smile.



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