Phantom Limb - Linoleum Telephone

Phantom Limb is an ever-evolving post-punk and garage-rock band from Birmingham, AL. The band was formed in 2017 by Andrew Laningham in a humid storage unit on the outskirts of town. Joined by Sam Sanders, Adam Measel and Rolfe Briney, Laningham and Phantom Limb like to play rock-and-roll music as much as they like to play with rock-and-roll music. On their debut album Townies (released in June of 2018 on Quality Time Records), the band injects elements of pop, country and experimentalism into a pulse-pounding garage-rock framework. Through this synthesis of sound, Phantom Limb explores questions of social isolation, cognitive dissonance, and rural collectivism vs. urban individualism.

Known for their exciting live performances, Phantom Limb revels in the chaotic world they inhabit on stage. The band flies around any room they perform in, throwing mics, guitars and even themselves around the concert space. During their live show, the line between audience member and band is intentionally blurred. Phantom Limb jumps into the crowd, the crowd jumps onto the stage. To the band, it’s all the same. Phantom Limb is currently working on their second album and playing shows all around the southeast.



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