Existential Optimist

“Dogwood Lung is the Auburn, Alabama dream-pop project of Rose Farrington, Ben Ewing, Austin Arias, and Timothy Collier. To their name, they have two EP’s, Voices in Thin Air and Gestures. In the latest, the band’s sound offers unanimity in the experience of limitations: the youthful consonance of both wanting and contentment. In their small college town the band brings listeners from intimate house shows to stage. Their poignant lyrics and enveloping sound breathe good into the familiar feelings of growth and anxiety, offering sympathy to those who care to dance with them.”

— Ankle Tops

Dogwood Lung is a synthesis of magnetic indie rock hooks, with brooding post-rock instrumentals, and songwriting ranging from a contemplative melancholy to a heart-wrenching fury. They cut their teeth in the raucous house-show scene in native Auburn, AL, where they developed a feverishly passionate live presence.



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