729 - 888hz

“729 is the new project from Birmingham artists Ozu and Erthling. While the two have been in each other’s orbits for a while, this marks their first official collaboration together. They start things off with an EP appropriately titled Greetings..”

— Scratched Vinyl

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Some unions are forged in fire, but even those pale in comparison to the potential of the aesthetically-pleasing duo based out of Birmingham. Comprised of Bessemer-bred lyricist OZU and producer-extraordinaire Erthling., the group’s hard-hitting beats are combined with lines and rhymes that entice the mind… Some might call it divine, but they just refer to it with three digits: 729.

With monthly EPs rolling out for your consumption via streaming services, the content from the two isn’t slowing down anytime soon.



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