Solid Sender (Birmingham, AL)


Solid Sender — Improvisation #1

Rob Alley, “a trumpet player with an ambrosial tone whose most singular gift is his adroitness at the art of improvisation.”

— Mike Overall, Occasions Magazine

Solid Sender: An improvisational quintet making sounds inspired by late 60s/early 70s Miles and the NYC super-group Sex Mob, with directions in music by Rob Alley. And grooves. Yes, grooves. Lots of them. Deep ones.

The band consists of Alley 62 mile trumpet and directions in music, Andy Nevala – Fender Rhodes piano and pedals, Matthew DeVine – Wurli and pedals, Chris Kozak – electric bass and pedals, and Mark Lanter – drum set and a different kind of pedals. (A quick Google search will yield a plethora of information as to the band member’s prior high jinx. It’d be a waste of your time and space here.) Hope to see you out there. We’ll be. Out there, that is.



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