New Love Crowd — Cotton Candy

New Love Crowd is the music/design project of Travis Swinford. New Love Crowd’s project is to raise the question: How do you love the world? It’s a weird place, and a tough task, but it’s the only thing to do.

Before forming NLC in Brooklyn, Swinford was making music in several bands in Birmingham, AL, his own being Plains (Happenin Records/Lolipop Records/Noumenal Loom, now available on Spotify, etc, and also performed with Holy Youth, Drew Price, Dommel Mosel).

NLC’s first full-length, self-titled album (recorded at home by Swinford with longtime collaborator Drew Price on keys) takes a lot of moods & lessons and puts them into one tripping body strolling down planet Earth street. It’s available from Earth Libraries and Maintenance Records.



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