Nightmare Boyzzz (Muscle Shoals, AL)

Nightmare Boyzzz - Nuclear Summer

“Originally from Alabama, the Nightmare of Boyzzz have more time to design how to hold amplifier on a surf board to design the artwork for their wallet. But given the many faults of taste for artworks recently (see Mickey), it will not blame them. Once placed on the plate, the “Nuclear Summer” radiate happiness that reach every brain in the vicinity. At the risk of melting much of our neurons, it is easy to abuse the 45s as the percentage rate of fun / groove is undoubtedly one of the highest of the day. Fukushima A, we would listen more than that to swim with dolphins three-headed.”

—Gone With The Weed (translated [poorly] by Google)

One time Chris was like hey lets start a band, and Justin started shredding all over everyone, and Mike fell asleep in a cornfield.



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