Mic Militia (Birmingham, AL/ Montgomery, AL)

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Mic Militia - Marching

“Mic Militia brings the gospel of the streets to the masses. Don’t get it confused, these aren’t overblown stores of million-dollar drug deals and endless bottlepopping. With a cadence reminiscent of Slim Thug and the grounded sincerity of Scarface, Mic touches on issues like poverty, education and social justice. You know, REAL street issues.”
– Edward T. Bowser

At a very young age Mic Militia (Michael Allen) knew he possessed something special…

Something that would one day make him a powerful voice in the Hip-Hop community as well as a pioneer in Birmingham’s underground music scene.

Born in the streets of Birmingham, Alabama, the civil rights Mecca of the South, during the aftermath of segregation and racial tension, he had a
balanced view, and understanding of where people of color had been, and where they are going.

He was known most around his hometown for his artwork. That soon changed after his Art teacher had the class do a project designing album covers. That’s when he not only designed a cover, he recorded a demo to go along with his project.

Impressed with the feedback he got from his fellow students, He began to take the music biz serious.

He entered his first talent show at the Carver Theater winning first place with his song titled “ Down South” taking Hip-Hop lovers by surprise with his cool, laid-back, witty, funny, but in your face, style.

With this song he stirred up something in the people in the city making folks feel a since of pride, during an era where East and West ruled the

With 15 years under his belt, he has paid his dues locally and is ready for the mainstream, capturing the hearts of old schoolers and gaining the respect from this new generation of artists, thus bridging the gap that separates the two.

Mic Militia is positively the future of southern Hip-Hop.



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