Dalmatian (Macon, GA)


Dalmatian — Hickies

“While so many indie folk groups try to chase the success of Mumford & Sons, Dalmatian plays great old-school folk rock with enough soul to remind you that their hometown of Macon was the home of Otis Redding. ”

— Josh Jackson, cofounder and editor-in-chief of Paste Magazine

In search of the ever-elusive Song of the South one need not look in the back of a mud-splattered pickup truck or hike the hills in search of pickers and fiddlers, for the tune that emanates from the heart of Dixie can be heard echoing from the basement of the Macon, Georgia home occupied by the quartet of twenty-somethings that make up the adaptable musical collective known as Dalmatian. Dalmatian seeks to provide an experience not unlike eating a damn good slice of pie. Their jaunty tunes are an offering of a fleeting presence of savory indulgence that will probably make you shake your booty Gathered and raised in bars on the arboreally-labeled, spacious streets of Poplar and Cherry in the geographically-true Heart of Georgia, these penmen of buoyant melody aim, with a sincere sense of humble honesty, to gratify. Dalmatian has released two EPs: Dances with Dalmatian and Obscure Discoteca.



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