Bit Brigade (Athens, GA)

Bit Brigade Crop

Bit Brigade - Dr. Wily's Castle

“The word “play” is probably an understatement — these guys shred through the games as expertly as the band wails on their instruments.”
— Nintendo Power

When Bit Brigade rolls into town, the gamer elite hang up the controller for the evening and see a rock show. With unprecedented attention to detail and post-rock bombast, Bit Brigade meticulously replicates every musical cue, cutscene and boss battle in perfect syncronization with master gamer Noah McCarthy’s inspiring speed-trial run of each level. Composed of members of Cinemechanica, Maserati, and We Versus The Shark, Bit Brigade elevates game music to its proper place in the foreground of epic technical rock and plays the games like they don’t need the extra lives. Which, for the record, they don’t.



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