Tyler Ambrosius (Birmingham, AL)

Photo by Andy Stewart

Tyler Ambrosius - Sunbreeze

Tyler Ambrosius is a Birmingham-based electronic producer, guitarist, and DJ, alternating between dance and down-tempo, layering elements of house, hip hop, punk, and fusion. In 2015 Tyler released his debut LP Knowledge of Self with a single and music video produced by the local Step Pepper Records label and has recently released music with the Dublin-based Jheri Tracks label. Tyler has also played punk and fusion in bands including The 10,000 Volt Ghost, Shapes Like Dinosaurs, and the free-form duo Forest Feeling. In his solo work he has collaborated with producers and vocalists, also adding live drums and guitar effects, sample triggering and laptop production. Tyler’s skill as a producer, experienced guitar playing, live drums and unique blend of different styles makes for an eccentric and angular live performance.



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