Richard Daniel (Birmingham, AL)

richard daniel

Richard Daniel - High & By

“[Richard Daniel] has taken title as The Hybrid due to his ability to blend his complex rhyme schemes with his beautiful and smooth singing. On his new album “To Save The World”, he follows the story of The Hero who deals with demons and darkness in the struggle to save the world… and himself.”

— Piccochi Music,

Hailing from Birmingham, AL, Richard Daniel is a hip-hop artist who captures a polished delivery and combines it with a natural southern charm. Whether a heartfelt croon, or a fiery lyric filled verse, he showcases his personal story and many musical ideas through whichever avenue will have him. His latest album, “Sedan”, is a mixture of feel-good tracks and songs that will make you sit back and contemplate. The main goal Daniel wants to achieve through his music is to create something that people can use to find common ground and relate to one another.



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