The Debauchees (Louisville, KY)

the debauchees

The Debauchees — Rancid Dancin'

“These Marquee Moon-faced kids played an insanely tight set of weird post-punk to a non-official pre-CMJ CMJ party last Monday night. It might have been the best set I saw all weekend, all awkward smiles and true humility and X’s on the hands of this Louisville trio—they were all too young to crack beers in celebration of their jam. They sounded kind of like Wire but with an updated edge. The fact these kids apparently only listen to The Strokes makes them even more amazing: They don’t even know how good they are. Look forward to their SonaBlast! debut.”

— Doppegang Media

The Debauchees are seemingly old souls with a youthful sneer. At just 20, the three members of The Debauchees have crafted a full-length that feels vintage and modern, classic and new. Their debut, Big Machines and Peculiar Beings, evokes the minimalist yet intricate post-punk approach of Wire, Talking Heads, and Young Marble Giants with distinct vocals that evoke an emotive Nico. And like many of their punk predecessors, this thunderous trio comes from a fine lineage of artists who formed a band before learning their instruments – to prodigious results. Vocalist Sydney Chadwick says “we all learned how to play in an unconventional way so our playing styles became personal and rule-defying.”



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