Morgan Pennington and the Echo (Oxford, MS)

morgan pennington

Morgan Pennington and The Echo — Bones

“Her music is solid when it’s just her and her guitar, but it comes into full color when her band is with her. Pennington is excited about her success in music so far. She’s also starting a band with Black Wings Studio owner, Winn McElroy.”

— Sheena Barnett, The Oxford Citizen

In 2013, Morgan Pennington teamed up with owner and producer, Winn McElroy of Black Wings Studio, to record her first EP, Wolves. Morgan went into the studio thinking she would come out with an indie folk acoustic album. Winn McElroy, however, saw the potential for something different and helped develop a completely new and exciting sound. Their work on the EP went from a normal studio project to a full on collaboration. They have been working together ever since. Together, under the name Morgan Pennington and the Echo, they have written numerous songs and had their debut live performance at Oxford Mississippi’s 2014 Double Decker Festival.

They since have been playing shows and trying to get their name out there.



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