Moodie Black (Minneapolis, MN)

Moodie Black

Moodie Black — HawkvsVulture

“Moodie Black’s new record Nausea (out on Fake Four, Inc.) is blizzasterous! All the bombasticness of Death Grips with all the megaphoned blisterFuck of nobody else on the planet! The record is driven and hard and grimy and noisy and perfect!”

— Brandon Backhaus, SYFFAL

Moodie Black has seemingly appeared out of thin air, rising from disintegrated dusting’s of a newly popular genre- noise rap – with a recent featured article in international French publication New Noise, a Death Grips remix, and collaborations with emcee Dalek, Moodie Black has stirred some curiosity.

Shaped and formed in the deserts of Arizona, Moodie Black pulled themselves from the dust, undaunted by criticism for their abrasive sound and controversial stage shows since 2004. Regarded as a legitimate pioneer of mood in a very small class of noise rap (Death Grips, BLACKIE, Dalek), the band’s unorthodox approach to production, mixing, and live performance has begun to be recognized by the human masses. Outfitted with disembodied baby heads tethered to gold chains, Moodie Black is visceral, melodic, and of course devastatingly moody. The duo- fronted by menacing figure “K.” (Chris Martinez) and backed by guitarist Sean Lindahl- have audiences anticipating Moodie Black’s upcoming album, N A U S E A , the follow up to the critically acclaimed Sana Sana, and the first major release for the band.

Moodie Black have much to be thankful for in 2013 with two back-to-back national tours from January to April, a debut record for Fake Four, and a European tour in summer of 2013.



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