Feral Child (Birmingham, AL)

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Feral Child — Lovely

“Dressed to the 9’s in Hawaiian shirts while veiled in the sputtering smoke of a fog machine, Feral Child delivered some serious 60’s head-boppin’ power pop/rock, pushing their songs a little harder and turning each into a loud barroom rocker. Satisfyingly high-pitched and scratchy vocals backed by honkytonk keyboards carry the band from brawlers into slow burners, which still always end up building into driving and up tempo finishes. Besides doing the service of setting the festivities off to a worthy start, how can a band with guitarist that plays a baby blue guitar with matching chord not put a smile on your face?”

— DIY Birmingham

Feral Child’s music is comprised of songs Jon made up on his parents piano over the years and fleshed out with the rest of the band in 2013.



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