Younger Siblings (Birmingham, AL)

Younger Siblings - I Don't Know Anything

Despite the uke and what looked like an electric autoharp (also didn’t know that existed), YS had a really thick sound, again drawing on grunge and mixing in little bits of pop punk and even the occasional sudden stop and unusual song structure of math rock.

— Red and Black

Younger Siblings is an indie-pop/art-punk project from Birmingham, AL. Featuring members of P.S. Eliot, Dolarhyde, The Recluse (and countless other B’ham bands), Younger Siblings is “a farce of pop punk, drenching a penchant for immensely clever song writing in a hail of singalongs and distorted guitars and ukuleles”. Influences include the 80’s post-punk/twee movement, They Might Be Giants, Adam Green, and Atom and His Package-esque pop-punk. Live performances are a burst of energy with an electro-autoharp, organ solos, and a pretty punk rock ukulele. Younger Siblings like to have a good time.


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