Younger Siblings (Birmingham, AL)

youger siblings

Younger Siblings - My Dream

“These guys are tricksters; they’re playing lovely pop while wading through murkier waters. Now what’s that aphorism about not judging things from the surface? Yeah, well that rings true here, too.” — Get Bent

Younger Siblings are an indie-pop band from Birmingham, AL. The band was formed by then high-schooler Teddy Rowe on vocals and ukulele with Jonathan Crain (guitar/keys), Keith Neighbors (bass), and Chayse Porter (drums). Early Y.S. songs came to fruition via Rowe’s fixation on melody and whimsical lyrics. Absurd songwriting led an array of genre collages to create colorful, upbeat pop. Recently, the band has incorporated a healthy dose of cartoonish playfulness while venturing into bleaker themes such as despair, death, and loneliness. This combination translates into a reckless live show that makes Younger Siblings the no. 1 must see band of 2013 as voted on by critics everywhere.



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