Water Liars (St. Louis, MO)

Water Liars - Fresh Hell / Is It Well

“It is heartbreaking material, especially when savored alone — songs reminiscent of writers like Raymond Carver and Flannery O’connor.”

Paste Magazine

Perhaps one of the greatest albums in Misra’s canon, Water Liars’ debut was entirely unplanned. Recorded on a whim, with one microphone, the then unnamed rock band – consisting of St. Louis, MO songwriter, vocalist, guitarist Justin Kinkel-Schuster and Oxford, MS drummer, producer, multi-instrumentalist Andrew Bryant – casually convened to play and record.

Over the course of three days, in the small milltown of Pittsboro, MS, a series of ineffable and magical recordings came together. It was one of those seemingly providential experiences – far too remarkable to be denied. Water Liars was born.

Paste, PopMatters, Daytrotter, KEXP, and more have all hailed Justin Kinkel-Schuster during his tenure fronting independent rock act Theodore. Some time back, Misra planned to work with Theodore and, assuming the songs were mere outtakes under a different moniker, the Water Liars demos initially got pushed to the back burner. Kinkel-Schuster pleasantly persisted, however, insisting the project was vastly different and must be heard.

Upon first listen, it was very clear that something truly remarkable really had occurred in the Phantom Limb sessions. Misra signed the band on the spot. Home to groundbreaking debuts by Shearwater, Great Lake Swimmers, and more, the label is excited to extend this tradition with Water Liars.



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