Vicious Cycle (Dallas, TX)

Vicious Cycle - Recess feat. Show Off & 7even- Thirty

“The fun beat selection and humorous spirit of the hooks balance well with the defiant and aggressive content of The Vagina Chronologue, an album made by women who clearly take offense to the stereotypes and low expectations the popular hip hop world projects onto the careers of “girl rappers”… there’s no apology for being rugged lyrically, or concern for the fans that dope rapping may alienate. No pandering to the radio. No shortage of profanity. And a punch in the mouth for you if you got a problem with it. Imagine Lauryn Hill and Rah Digga making an album together produced by someone like Showbiz or Diamond D. That’s about right, I think.”

— Samax (Ghetto Manga)

Many duos throughout hip-hop’s history have possessed the level of chemistry and raw talent to captivate the masses over the years. However, there is not a match in recent history like the one between femcees Money Stax and Neeky Devero as VICIOUS CYCLE! These two exceptionally ill MCs join forces in a combination destined to go down as the illest pair of females on a mic since Salt-N-Pepa. Take one part of Jersey native Money Stax’s precise, relentless flow; add one part Germany representative Neeky Devero’s unpredictable, word-bending delivery and you get the formula for a classic. The Vagina Chronologue is the debut album from these incredible wordsmiths, coupling some of the most merciless verses in years with innovative production from DFW heavyweights like Rob Viktum, M_Slago, and DVM. The buzz from their mixtape collab, “HNIC” has built steadily on Dallas’ underground scene, while the follow-up singles “Too Hard” and “Phone Call” get heavy rotation on KNON-89.3’s “Knowledge Dropped, Lessons Taught”, hosted by legendary local DJ EZ Eddie D. With countless sets rocked in the Metroplex, these two are widely regarded as the hottest female spitters in Dallas, and soon to be the WORLD. Vicious Cycle…”Dope beats. Dope Rhymes. Chicks who look dope”. Really, what more could you ask for?


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