Tim Lee 3 (Knoxville, TN)


Photo by James Patterson

Tim Lee 3 - Devils Rope

“Listening to Tim Lee 3 is like taking a scenic car trip down Rt. 66 , and experiencing the great American dream, open highways and your loved one by your side. The roots of rock are quite evident, think X, Dave Allen, guitars are crisp, harmonies that will make you forget where you are. Cool song, album is excellent, solid all the way through not a lost song in the bunch, follow these links and keep track of Tim Lee 3, good stuff.”

— 50thirdand3rd.com

Tim Lee 3 was founded by guitarist/singer/songwriter Tim Lee (who’s history dates back to the ‘80s with his band the Windbreakers and as a touring member of Let’s Active, the Swimming Pool Qs, and Marty Jones’ band) and his wife, bassist/singer/songwriter Susan Bauer Lee. The group also features Chris Bratta on drums. Since its inception in 2006, TL3 has released four full-length studio albums (including the 2010 double-CD release, Raucous Americanus), two limited-edition live recordings, and an EP of previously unreleased and live material, in addition to various contributions to compilation records and substantial touring. The 2015 release of their new record, 33.1/3 (03.06.15), coincided with the 33.1/3 wedding anniversary of the Lees.



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