The Regiment (Detroit, MI)


The Regiment — Battle Cry (prod. by Apollo Brown).mp3

Modern day hip hop has become a battleground where binged out messiahs of materialism have often gained the upper hand, but MCs OSI and IseQold of the Regiment are the positive force for change in music.

OSI and Ise define the Regiment as “a number of people fighting for a common cause.”  When the cause is something as vast as Hip Hop culture there are no individuals that can get the job done alone.  OSI and IseQold now lead The Regiment and legions of music lovers wanting quality work are willing to join the battle.  Dealing with the everyday struggles of trying to make it in an often brutal world, The Regiment leaves the gold plated fantasies to others.  Taking cues from artists as diverse as KRS-1 and J-Dilla, the crew mixes the uplifting with the painfully truthful alongside production reminiscent of the days when people of all ages could listen and enjoy musical truth.



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