The Pyles (Muscle Shoals, AL)

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The Pyles - Answer to Ruby (LIVE)

“Even those without a keen ear for musicality will recognize the talent on display in the Pyles’ beautiful mix of smooth voices, cello, and violin-with a little ukelele thrown in for fun.”
—NOALA Magazine

Since 2004 The Pyles has been a banner for Cullen Stewart’s traditionally influenced music and vivid storytelling. It has evolved slowly, over time involving numerous and varied musicians and styles before arriving at the dynamic and diverse group it is today.

The current lineup began to take shape while Cullen was living in Philadelphia. There he met ukelele player Jessica Rothstein who brought a vocal styling to the table that is at once engaging yet unconventional. Cullen returned home to the Shoals in 2011 where he met Kimi Samson (Doc Dailey and Magnolia Devil) whose mature and varied sound drifts effortlessly between classical violin work and folk fiddling. In short order, Danley Murner (Machinery of the Night) joined the group after teaching himself the cello. Last, but certainly not least is Robin Gillespie (While the Ship Sinks, Ursa Locomodus), the newest member of the band and drummer who keeps the train running on time.



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