The Kernal and The New Strangers (Jackson, TN)


The Kernal and The New Strangers — Tenn Sun

“The Kernal fills his music with mid-century twang evoking Porter Wagoner one minute and Gram Parsons the next. He even rasps his way through the rapid-fire verses of “Green Green Sky” like Bob Dylan… which is appropriate, since one of Dylan’s former engineer/producers, Jeff Powell, produced the tune.”

— American Songwriter

Based in Jackson, TN, The Kernal & His New Strangers call the Downtown Tavern home and from that halfway point between two Tennessee music mecca’s, tour the country with their home­grown brand of Southern mystique. Tied deeply to the legacy of the wandering musician and the historic Grand Ole Opry, the Kernal, a southern gentleman with an old soul and youthful ambition, found his sound and showmanship in the greats of the classic Country music scene like Del Reeves. “My dad,” The Kernal reminisces, explaining the impetus of the band, “met Sleepy LaBeef at Limebaugh’s Restaurant in Nashville. Lonzo & Oscar were looking for a drummer and he asked my dad if he could play a shuffle beat on the table. He did and he left for a 10­day run the next day. It worked out because soon he was playing with Sleepy.” From there, his father found his way to The Kendalls, and eventually to the legendary Del Reeves, with whom he would play until Reeves’ death in 2007. His father died in September of the same year and the seed was planted.



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