Hartle Road (Columbus, MS)

Hartle Road - Little Bit Of Fiction

The Motions are a group of teenagers from Columbus, MS that came with a message of total rock’n’roll evangelism. They were astonishing. If there were a sweet spot somewhere in between the Southern guitar sprawl of Drive-By Truckers and the sugary indie pop of The New Pornographers, these kids found it. Everything about this band was warm and tuneful, from the three-part harmonies, to the guitarist/singer’s sprawling leads. They played with a conviction that only teenagers are capable of. They were charming, affable, and adorable. They played more than adequately, a group of young men clearly possessing a chemistry and -more remarkably- a sound.

—Mod Mobilian

If Interpol & Razorlight had an affair with the Animals & the Zombies, Hartle Road would be their genre jumping, time machine lovechild and Brian Wilson would be their baptismal godfather. Serious ear candy.

Hartle Road has decided to stop the confusion and gear up for a rock n’roll ride under the lead singer and drummer’s last name, Hartleroad. This six piece band has been playing shows throughout the southeast and they have earned a good following, but they continued to be confused with several other acts using the Motions name.

To avoid any further confusion Toby Hartleroad, the lead singer and founder of the band, has changed the bands name to HARTLE ROAD. “It’s our name!” Mr. Hartleroad continued to explain the change saying, “We’ve been playing together for 4 years and we were tired of the confusion our old name got us and this is our last name, so it just makes sense.”

Hartle Road is:
Toby Hartleroad – lead singer, guitar
Max Hartleroad – drums, backing vocals
Miles Jordan – bass
Harrison Bennett – keyboards
Miles Smith – rhythm guitar, backing vocals Tyler Carter – lead guitar, backing vocals



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