The Log Ladies (New Orleans, LA)


The Log Ladies - Squirmer

“The Log Ladies explore a wide variety of musical terrain on their debut album, Let’s Build a Myth Together, and succeed in producing one of the most unique albums to come out of New Orleans in recent memory… pushing musical boundaries while remaining natural, tasteful and, above all, a joy to listen to.”

— Mark LaMaire (OffBeat)

The Log Ladies have crafted their brand of cosmic skronk jazz in the rich musical soil of New Orleans. Their music sheds jazz conventions and avant-garde headiness, yet combines these genres in a rocking accessible sonic adventure. Haunting melodies mix with a romping rhythm section, shifting textures and even a healthy dose of humor, to deliver a distinctive alluring sound. Chris Alford (guitar), Dave Cappello (drums),and Jesse Morrow (bass) are three unique stylized improvising musicians whose sum is The Log Ladies.



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