The Dirty Streets (Memphis, TN)

The Dirty Streets - Cloud of Strange

“The first truly great “new” band to emerge from the Memphis scene in recent memory, this trio of teen and twenty-somethings conjure a mass of thick riffs and a hearty retro rumble that nods the the blues-rock and proto-punk of Humble Pie, the MC5, and Cactus, without being overly reverent.”

— Bob Mehr, Go Memphis

Hailing from Memphis, TN, the Dirty Streets are a throwback to the good old days of soulful, pre-punk blues and psych rock. Formed in 2006, Justin Toland, Thomas Storz, and Andrew Denham found themselves brought together by a shared love of of classic acts like MC5, Humble Pie, and Deep Purple. The other elements of soul and heavy psych are brought into the mixture to only further reveal a vast sea of influences. Together, the trio makes kind of revivalist rock that feels retro without seeming fake, adding enough of their own sweat and soul into their blues to make the music seem genuine.


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