The Dirty Lungs (Birmingham, AL)


The Dirty Lungs - Don't Fucking Remind Me

“You see, The Dirty Lungs can make quite an unholy racket, a gritty blend of good old grimey garage, nouveau psych, and even some Stone Roses-esque, splendidly overindulgent instrumentation. It’s sleazy, it’s nasty, and mercy me it’s fantastic.”
— Les Enfants Terribles

Formed in 2007, Dirty Lungs have evolved as much as any band can in 5 years of existence. Featuring a total of 8 different members over the course of their life as a group, founding members Carson Mitchell and Ra-Jaan Parmley have continued to hone their sound together as well as adapt to the strengths of the revolving cast of cohorts involved in the music they create. The one consistent genre Dirty Lungs have catered to over the years is Psychedelic Pop, infused with the gritty chords and vocals of late 60’s nuggets Garage. Throw in some Grunge attitude with a dash of British inclinations and you have Dirty Lungs in a nutshell. These sounds have been featured on 4 official releases, including a full album, 2 EPs, and most recently an internet only single. Looking to record their second full length in early 2013, Dirty Lungs will continue to represent the colorful edge of Birmingham’s music scene as long as they will have them.



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