Tedo Stone (Atlanta, GA)

tedo stone

Tedo Stone - Back Again

“A variation of the skinny white-boy insouciance popularized by Mick Jagger … Stone laces the retro sounds with contemporary touches that keep things lively and surprising.”
— Bud Scoppa (Georgia Music)

When Stone first began working on the record back in 2011, the experience played out like the wildest of rock & roll dreams. At 2 a.m., he walked through the doors of Atlanta’s Glow-In-The-Dark Studios with a loose assemblage of backing musicians in tow. The location was well beyond their means, but they were working in the middle of the night in Studio B with an intern engineer at the boards. As mics were set up, they ran through the tune they were about to cut, one of Stone’s newest, an anthemic ’70s-glam march called “War.” Just then, Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum record producer Matt Goldman was wrapping a session in Studio A. Something unexpected caught his ear, and he followed the sounds straight down the hall to Stone and his buddies. “He thought we sounded like T. Rex,” Stone says.



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