Taylor and the Puffs (Birmingham, AL)


Taylor and the Puffs — Sunshine Girl

“It’s hard to be so sure about these Birmingham guys, though. They may just be plain pathetic. That in no respect precludes their being the best garage band this city has seen in a great long while. Maybe ever.”

— David Pelfrey (Black and White)

Taylor Hollingsworth is one of the quieter yet most prolific musical forces from Alabama. Best known for his time with Conor Oberst in the Mystic Valley Band, Taylor has never let off the gas with his own releases. His latest, Taylor and the Puffs’ Knifer is self-described “Lo-fi Art Punk.” “Little tiny amps turned all the way up!” Hollingsworth wrote, produced, performed, recorded and mixed everything himself. Part skater punk, part Beach Boys, part White Stripes at times, with a kind of Daniel Johnston ring to the vocals…but still Taylor’s own.

Written by: David Carn



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