Sun Seeker (Nashville, TN)


Photo by Angelina Castillo

Sun Seeker - Georgia Dust

“Purebred, blue-ribbon, chamber-pop wunderkinds”

— Third Man Records

Sun Seeker started out as Stripes when all the members were still cherubic high-school doughboys. They were inspired by the likes of Wilco, Real Estate, The Band, and local Nashville rock and roll to ditch their adolescent softness and evolve into a bigger machine complete with ornate riffage and backbone-solid rhythm. Lyrically, lead singer, Alex Benick muses on lost relationships, death, and losing faith in God at Wave Country. Musically, the band symphonically structures individualistic instrumentation around the impeccable kick drum of Ben Parks, which beats more in time than the human heart. Sun Seeker will make you fall in love, then break up with you, then have break-up sex with you, then have a long conversation with you over coffee after which all will be laid to rest and your friendship will be strong as ever, after which you will both call each other on birthdays and get together when in you are both in town, having grown in different directions perhaps, but still just as amorous and appreciative.



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