Star Mic (Atlanta, GA)


Star Mic — I Need it All

Star Mic is becoming a rising star. His witty lyricism coupled with a sick flow over dope beats also proves why he was the 2013 ASCAP freestyle contest winner.

— DJ V.I.P.,

They say everyone has the ability to be a genius, born with a gift, or not. Michael Ashby “Star Mic” was born in Jamaica Hospital, Queens, New York as an only child. A quiet, yet commanding presence speaks to his aura. A beacon radiantly screaming a bright star the minute you hear Star Mic rhyme. Mic began rapping before he was 13, 11 years old to be exact. He didn’t take it seriously at the time until he put out his first project ‘From Queens To Everywhere’ in 2010. Many might ask when Mic first fell in love with Hip Hop and an interesting story was when, New York Radio Hot 97 dj and car fanatic Funk Master Flex introduced Star Mic to the world by calling him every day on his popular evening segment called “Air it out”. Star Mic daily activity intrigued Funk Master Flex so much that Star became a regular on the segment every night. Ironically a few years later Star Mic won Hot 97 Dj Monsee’s talent competition in New York. Beating out artists twice his age with a commanding stage presence, Star Mic captivates audiences when he performs. Showcasing an ability to make songs, records, rhymes better, and high powered at an age when most artist are just touching their talent surface. Star Mic has released three critically acclaimed mix-tapes; ‘From Queens To Everywhere’ parts 1 & 2, ‘Teenage Romance Love Story’ &  his latest project ‘TEAR$ Over Diamonds’ which will be out soon!  Star Mic appeared on the “Scream Tour” in 2011. Performing alongside some of today’s most promising up and coming young stars such as; “Mindless Behavior”, “Diggy Simmons” “Jacob Latimore”, “Juwan Harris”, and others.  Star Mic has so far been on a journey to follow his dreams, and showing progress.



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