The Invisible Teardrops - 6 Teardrops vs the World

“Do you like the Ramones? Do you wear leather at least once a week? Can you get down with some cool keyboard sprinkled into rock’n’roll? If you answered yes to any of the aforementioned, Invisible Teardrops are probably a band you can get into. Classic downstrokey rock’n’roll here. They even do that cool ‘70s fade in/ fadeout thing between tracks. Bet it sounds even better on vinyl.”

— Razorcake

A six piece featuring a double tambourine attack, screaming organs, primitive beats, and ghoulish vocals. Based out of Florence, AL but they are known to roam. They are known to have been encountered throughout the Southeast in various dive bars and basements of houses, only to be gone in the blink of an eye. You might have found yourself wandering into their presence, perhaps pulled in by the lullabies of their Farfisa organ as it cuts into the darkness of the night. Should you find yourself in the midst of six strangers, all gathered around you, holding hands in a circle; don’t be afraid, they only want to make you dance.



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