Tanya Montana Coe

“Did you know that David Allan Coe has a daughter? Well, he does – and she kicks ass. Her debut album “Silver Bullet” was released last year, and needs to be heard by the masses. It has a psychedelic feel to it, with some pop aspects, mixed with a country attitude.”

— We Hate Pop Country

Tanya Montana Coe, named by Tanya Tucker and daughter of David Allan Coe, is a Nashville-native singer/songwriter. Tanya’s first album, Silver Bullet, found the 28-year old putting a distinctly personal spin on universal themes like love, loss, conflict, family and desire. Silver Bullet was recorded in the same East Nashville studio where Jack White produced Loretta Lynn’s 2004 Grammy-winning LP, Van Lear Rose. Tanya has opened for artists such as Jamey Johnson and Shooter Jennings as well as headlining gigs around Nashville and the regional South. Tanya recently released two new singles, “Damned” and “Electric Blue,” as a hint of things to come.



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