Shaun Judah

Shaun Judah - Fortitude

BeShaun Leavell, artistically known as Shaun Judah, is an emcee, poet, spoken word artist, writer, actor, doodle-sketcher, performer & teaching artist that has graced stages across the world with electrifying and thought-provoking performances. Every act ignites his audiences to think, reflect, and walk away with a new perspective of the world around them.

Having had the privilege and talent to work with artists around the globe, he has a desire to use his gifts to inspire people to “be better than themselves”. Born in Louisville, Kentucky, raised in “Kentuckiana”, San Francisco, California & Birmingham, Alabama, Judah was exposed to wide variety of people, cultures, music genres and art forms. Shaun realized his passion for performing after appearing in a school play as a child. During his teenage years, he also discovered talents as a wordsmith. Displaying a gift for freestyle, Judah began to battle fellow emcees & rappers, then formed a crew called Jah Squad in the early-mid 90’s. A love for spoken word poetry soon developed after going to his first open mic in Birmingham. Over the years, Judah has held many monikers, from Mainey B to Frog to California to Cali to Calico to ShaunLala resting on Shaun Judah…he has also embodied a number of skills and styles going from battle participant to host, holding down different positions in entertainment from open mic performer to curator even holding down a residency through the Alys Stephens Center.



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