Seth Graham - My desire is for you to stop being a fuckwad

“For Seth, that means creating moments of beauty, tranquility, or sometimes even sorrow, and then contrasting them with moments that are humorous or downright chaotically unsettled. If we let our attention be grabbed by this complicated machinery, we’ll find that this is not just a showcase of a sample library; out of this mess, Seth somehow manages to write digitally complex yet emotionally intimate music, creating the conditions for a playful interchange between the seemingly opposing spheres of the digital and the material.”

— Tiny Mix Tapes

Seth Graham is a Ohio based artist, composer and co-owner of Orange Milk Records with an academic background in Philosophy. He focuses on compositions which highlight tropes across a broad range of musical genres using midi data, Max MSP and samples. His intention is to manifest intersections of classical avant garde and modern popular music with compositions ranging from playful sample arrangements to dense digital synthesis. Seth Graham’s work has been published by music imprints Orange Milk and Noumenal Loom. He was commissioned by the Russian Ensemble Kymatic to write 4 pieces in tribute to Philip Glass that was performed in October of 2017 at the Museum of Media and Arts in Moscow. These recordings are scheduled to be released on Recital in 2018.



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