Photo by Jesse Pratt Lopez

Pamela_and her sons - Sad Laugh

“A melange of frenzied sound exploration, [Pamela_ and her sons] is essential listening for the ADD generation, the net generation, post-modernists, et al… whatever you’re up to…Taking a hyperactive approach to production, Hoshor imposes a nervous, kinetic energy on the listener that effectively transfixes and mobilizes simultaneously.”

— Decoder Mag

Pamela_ and her sons is the solo music project of Alessandra Hoshor, an Atlanta-based multimedia artist, and 1/2 of evil dance project BIG DED. Their microtonal compositions build up from slow perceptual movements into heavy dance sets full of deconstructed vocals. Pamela_ is microtonal cerebral dance music. Fragmented, off-kilter techno with an emphasis on vocal texture, pattern, and rhythm.



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