Dope KNife

Dope KNife - Nothing To Lose

“Set to a sparse musical dystopia, Dope KNife‘s NineteenEightyFour is equally imbued with autobiography, social commentary, Scorsese-esque noir, dark humor, and bombastic hip-hop authority. Dope KNife displays his signature style of savage wordplay over self-produced tracks composed of original live music and takes the listener on a dense tour through 21st century life.”

— hissing lawns

Perhaps it was the euphoria of the first time he heard a rhyme collide with a beat. It may have been the gruesome civil war that touched his young life, and that war’s impact on his family. Likely, it was the fusion of the two experiences that inspired a young Kedrick Mack to develop and refine his sound into what is now the intense, distinctive art of emcee/producer Dope KNife.



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