Andrew Bryant - Robert Downey Jr's Scars

“Nobody right now does reflection and interiority better than Andrew Bryant. He’s always stopping to look. Starting again and recalibrating. Asking questions. The songs on ‘Ain’t It Like the Cosmos’ provide complex observations about work, fatherhood, love, and longing. What does it even mean to be a father and a husband and a son? What’s it mean to be from a place? To truly live in a place? To feel trapped in a place? To feel freed by work and music and love? The album is rooted in sensory details. This intimacy gives us access to Bryant’s memories and fears.”

— William Boyle, author or “The Lonely Witness” and “Gravesend”

For over a fifteen years, Andrew Bryant has been writing songs, making records and touring across the United States with the best of them. Whether alone with his guitar, or by releasing his fury behind a drum kit with his band Water Liars, Andrew has lived a life committed to song.

His latest solo album is titled “Ain’t It Like The Cosmos” and is available now via Last Chance Records.



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