Social Studies (Atlanta, GA)

Social Studies - Assignment Two

“[E]very sound has been manipulated to carry their personal touches. The musical backdrop of the disc is a pastiche of chunks from such songs as the Cure’s “A Forest,” Bone Crusher’s “Never Scared,” and the Horrors’ “Sea Within A Sea,” all twisted to flow with a swift, stream-of-consciousness pace that matches Zano’s brainy, complex rhyme schemes.”

Creative Loafing Atlanta

Zano — The MC: My visual artwork and sound experiments are one and the same along with my strange vocal stylings. Ii try to walk a line between art rock, free jazz, experimental composition and abstract hiphop. My cartoons are influenced by modern art and comic books, as well as advertising and graphic design. On the whole, I hopefully am creating a dialogue on the contemporary black experience thru the medium of dada/ punk expressionism. And i like candy.

Chris Devoe — Producer / Beatsmith: Inspired by childhood memories of soul 45’s, Chris Devoe creates moods which are both dreamlike and abstract. As a solo artist, he has performed in many of Atlanta’s most popular venues, including The Earl, The Eyedrum, and The Echo Lounge. As a self-taught musician, Chris Devoe’s music reflects a life-long interest in diverse genres of music and art as well as a dedication to designing melodies that honor the contributions of every instrument. His creative process is unmistakably informed by his knowledge of acoustic instrumentation and sampling- bringing the warm textures of analog sound to his distinct electronic style. As a solo artist, Chris has opened for various performers, including RJD2, Funkstorung, Richard Devine Machine Drum, Lyrics Born, Platinum Pied Pipers, The Perceptionists, and many others. DON’t SLEEP Upcoming Arepaz albums include from Atlanta’s, Chris Devoe’s debut, in early March entitled, “The Perception of Obstacles”, aswell as Arepaz Immigrante Orchestra Greatest Hits part 2, LeBlaze and Epstein. Plus various special limited vinyl so stay tuned.



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