Seminole Strut (Huntsville, AL)


Photo by Adam Robinson

Seminole Strut - Cimarron

“Clatter & Howl” sounds both ragged and right: sour-mash vocals, orchestrated dirty-guitar, rustic and asphault grooves.’

— Matt Wake,

Seminole Strut started as a group of long-time friends loosely jamming in their spare time in late 2012. These six Huntsville, AL natives had been in various bands growing up, but had never played together as a group prior to the formation of the Seminole Strut. Influenced by a variety of different music styles, they meshed together to forge a unique sound with a modern touch on raw rock and soul music. Backgrounds varying from classic sounds, such as Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Thin Lizzy, and Derek and the Dominos, to the stylings of new sounds like My Morning Jacket, The Snake The Cross The Crown, St. Paul and the Broken Bones, Alabama Shakes, and various southern-souding soul and rock acts.

After garnering more experience, they began writing and learning original music until they had enough material to start playing open mic nights around Huntsville. In May 2013, after playing their first full gig in Florence, AL in a now-defunct pool hall, Seminole Strut traveled to Nashville to record songs for their EP at Sound and Audio Engineering (SAE) Institute. Taking three songs away from those sessions, they recorded and produced three more songs on their own to complete their self-titled six song EP, available on

In June 2014 they began recording an album’s worth of music at King of the Jungle Productions in Birmingham, AL, for their first full length album, Clatter & Howl. These tracks contain a unique and raw sound that captures the band’s energetic live sound. Clatter & Howl is available on CD, as well as most online music markets, including iTunes, Spotify, and Band Camp. By consistently playing shows in North Alabama, they have made a name for themselves as a raw and entertaining live act filled with a big rhythm section powered by three electric guitars. Make no mistake, this band will show up and make you move your feet and nod your head.



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