Waltzer - I'm Not in Love (10cc cover)

 Waltzer isn’t just a band because Waltzer, in fact, is also a TV show. 

Waltzer is also a character, a persona, and a songwriting collaboration unit. Waltzer is a one-woman project and even a sketch-comedy routine. Waltzer is nothing that you expect, but everything you didn’t know you wanted. In short, Waltzer may be a moniker, but it contains ever-evolving multitudes. 

Time Traveler is Waltzer’s debut full-length album and the end result of years of work by singer- songwriter Sophie Sputnik. As a former musical theater kid who found her armor fronting Florida punk-rock two-piece Killmama for several years, her songwriting has been informed by everyone from Erykah Badu to Roy Orbison. As such, Time Traveler melds a lifetime’s worth of music loving to create a sound that’s a little bit rockabilly, a little bit punk, and all of it wrapped up in an undeniably contemporary style. Its sonic contours may be firmly grounded in rock and roll’s sweat-drenched history, but its worldview speaks to the worried world we all are trying to survive in. 



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