Young Valley — Cool Blue Patience

“The guys in Young Valley do a fantastic job of blending rock and country influences on their forthcoming self-titled album. Think of them as a more Southern-sounding Deer Tick or a rootsier T. Hardy Morris. The guns-a-blazing rock of the vengeful ‘Hope It Kills You’ and the Baptist guilt-ridden ‘Howlin’ offer up Southern roots music for people searching high and low for real rock ‘n’ roll.

— Wide Open Country

Jackson, Mississippi’s Young Valley offers points of view from songwriters Zach Lovett, Dylan Lovett, and Spencer Thomas with a trading of styles from traditional country to southern-tinged rock ‘n roll. With the addition of Kell Kellum and Ethan Frink, the 5-piece group lays out a catalogue of catchy melodies, harmonies, and plenty of guitar shred all packaged into well-crafted tunes. “We serve the song. Wherever the song takes us, that’s where we need to go.” This mantra has kept them honest in their approach, and just like their hard-to-look-away kind of stage show, you don’t quite know what to expect next from Young Valley.



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