They Call Me Sauce — Expensive Dessert

“Over years spent in the city’s underground hip-hop scene — eight records put out at a deliberate pace, a combination of full-lengths, EPs and mixtapes that stretch in every stylistic direction — Handy has become an improbable crossover success. His new six-song EP, Summer Sauce, burst onto the iTunes and Amazon charts when it launched in late July.”

— The Pitch Magazine

Providing soulful & empowering tunes, Kansas City native, Sauce, guarantees a live performance that will inspire everyone. On top of his unique storytelling and use of jazz, he is a go-to voice for the mid-west region—working with youth through Hip-Hop based initiatives. His music has charted on iTunes, Amazon, and Billboard, and he has toured through Chicago, Atlanta, Austin, Minneapolis, Oklahoma City, and more. He is available for performing, speaking, teaching (Hip-Hop education/creative writing/storytelling) and has taught at colleges like the University of Kansas and Washburn University.



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