The Medium — The Groove

“Once the vibe has worn off and the post-Busch delirium sets in, switch on “Good Ol’ Days.” Oddball baroque psychedelia broadcasted from a basement on the east side. This is a bonafide earworm thanks to a loose piano melody and singular vocal stylings. Nice to find the kids that aren’t afraid of writing a hook. Play the demo again and again until the tape wears out or the sun comes up.”

— Aquarium Drunkard

Start grooving and drooling over a casserole of jangle pop and high jinks made by some of Nashville’s finest – Michael Brudi, Jared Hicks, Shane Perry and Sam Silva. The Medium entertains and endears with an audible, suspicious grin and shoulder-shaking melodies. The four have been playing shows together since 2016. This past October, the Nashville Scene debuted the band’s first single “Good ol’ Days” which Aquarium Drunkard deemed a “bonafide earworm.”



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