Leggy — Antwerp

“The band describes their sound as “lush punk,” and lush, indeed, is an apt descriptor for everything about Leggy’s music, from their shoegaze-y sonic abundance to the richness of the melodrama their lyrics frequently evoke.”

— Nylon Magazine

A lot of guitar rock bands with two female vocalists garner comparisons to Sleater-Kinney these days, but Cincinnati trio Leggy might be the only band who truly deserve the mantle. Like the mighty S-K, Leggy’s scrappy songs oftentimes feel like they’re being held together by sheer force of will: harmonies all akimbo, lyrical patterns unhinged from whatever the guitars are doing, and song structures that shift like quicksand with only a locked in rhythm section serving as a safety rope.

On the band’s latest release, the grimy and compelling Let Me Know Your Moon, Leggy’s unconventional approach to garage pop proves to be a powerful one, especially when they let their freakier tendencies out to play, which (lucky us!) is pretty much on every song. While the band can do a bubblegum-chewing rebel girl “I’m no good” jammer with the best of them (try “Bad News” or “Already Gone”) and know their way around a good hook, Let Me Know Your Moon shines most brightly in its weirdest corners, as on the atonal avant-rock of “Eden” or dissonant love song “Taffy.”



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