Dazz & Brie — Let'sdance

“The dynamic duo avoided the sophomore slump and cranked out a thundering collection of hip-shaking rock, soul, and pop.”

— Democrat Gazette

If you’ve ever had the desire to quit your day job, pack a suitcase, shelve your cares, and hop on the nearest interstate to chase your dreams, then Dazz & Brie should be added to your road trip playlist.

A funky blend of rock ‘n’ soul, the duo combines drums and heavy guitar instrumentation with soulful melodies and harmonies that dance between the lines of sarcastic, charismatic, and inspiring as they croon about their journey to rock stardom, as well as the perils that accompany them.

Through unapologetic creativity, fearlessness, “off the wall” approaches, and the desire to live the fullest lives possible, they seize every opportunity to share their story with others in order to dismantle stereotypes, break boundaries, and encourage authenticity. Their “take me as I am” energy speaks to fans of underdogs as they pave their own path in a society who’s history is deeply rooted in the oppression of people like them. Rock on.



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