Photo by Bryan C. Parker

“At one point Cakes brags that he can, “spit that shit that make a homophobe a hypocrite,” and I don’t doubt that he could. There’s something very compelling not only about the way he raps, but also about aggressive strain of hedonism at The Eulogy’s heart, this idea that simply making pleasure seeking the center of your existence can be a statement, even an art, and if anyone thinks differently then fuck ’em.”

— Pitchfork

Cakes Da Killa — New Phone (Who Dis)

Cakes Da Killa is a Brooklyn-based rapper & writer hailing from Teaneck, New Jersey. His signature 90s flow and cutthroat wordplay has garnered praise from HOT 97’s own Ebro & Peter Rosenberg to Anthony Fantano of the Needledrop. His sound is a mixture of hardcore technical lyricism marinated with heavy club beats. With a few mixtapes under his belt & a killer live show Cakes quickly became a must-see act on many festival lineups around the world.

This signature sound has kept Cakes touring glabally since he burst on the scene in 2012. Cakes is a key player in the recent conversation of LGBT visibility in the urban market and has been featured on various media outlets sharing his journey as an openly gay MC. In 2016, his much anticipated debut album Hedonism was released on RUFFIANS.



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