Scott Eason (Huntsville, AL)

After conquering the world of competitive break dancing, Scott Eason wanted a challenge. He turned to stand-up comedy. Bringing his no nonsense attitude and red-hot passion to the stage, he exploded onto the scene. Word traveled fast and his success soon led to appearances on The Arsenio Hall Show, The Chevy Chase Show, The Magic Hour with Magic Johnson, Iron Chef (The original in Japan, not that sissy American version) and who could forget that unfortunate incident on The Geraldo Rivera Show. However, the brightest stars burn out the quickest and Scott had to step out of the spotlight to focus on his health. Stints in rehab for glue sniffing and hacking paint (Gold is the best flavor) helped bring him out of the darkness and after many years of self examination and fine tuning, he’s ready to come back to the stage and give you the what for. Prepare to have your face melted off with comedy. No more break dancing though. Unless you have some cocaine.



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