SKIP (Orlando, FL)

SKIP - Red vs. Blue

[H]is album sounded like a mix of Jamiroquai (Acid Jazz-like), 311 (Ska-influenced) and Cannibal Ox (in its raw futuristic urban decay storytelling) and although you have such a mix of styles, it’s still Hip Hop in its core. SKIP and his cohorts were able to sync and merge all these styles flawlessly.

Insomniac Magazine

SKIP is an Orlando-based artist whose unique musical stylings infuse elements of hip-hop, early 70’s-era rock n’ roll, and soul music. His latest release, Until the Very End, was recently picked as one of the ‘Best Albums of 2010’ by Orlando Weekly. “Until the Very End is a smile inducing venture, a top-to-bottom feel good album… Conjuring sensibilities and sounds from genres such as ragtime, blues, acid jazz and dusty soul, it’s an endlessly danceable soundtrack for the world’s farewell party. Raise a toast to going out in style.” — Justin Strout, OW Music Editor



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